What Is Luster Stone and How Is It Applied?

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 LUSTERSTONE™ LusterStone™ is a decorative architectural trowel-on coating produced by Faux Effects.

It is a metallic product that is used in layers.  By troweling on… I mean layering with a small paddle like tool that is much like plastering. It requires a bit of technique not easily learned from a book.  But I bet if you played with it for a while, you could come up with your own beautiful technique. 

What exactly is luster stone and how is it applied. People saw some of my work in a model home and I have been asked to do this luster stone now. I have heard of it, but do not know how it is applied.
Thanks for all your help that you give us Debra.


Lusterstone produces a number of beautiful dimensional but smooth finishes. An easy to use product because LusterStone™ does the work for you as it is applied; no hard burnishing required for designer quality results. Can you say "venetian plaster without pain?" 

This product can be used to produce a wide variety of high and low dimensional finishes. Trowel on layers starting with black as a basecoat for wonderful luxurious finishes. Leaving some of the background showing each time you add a layer, building up the colors.  Melanie Royal suggests using thin layers with glaze for a translucent coat.  Burnishing is required between coats and you may have to use sandpaper and wax the finish coat on to get a perfect sheen.

The company states that the product will cover approximately 50 – 150 sq ft per gallon.  

I don't do finishes of this type anymore… the young gals can do all that burnishing with a lot more grace than I.  (I am also out of shape… :)

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  1. Denise Inman says

    I am wanting to do my poweder bath in LusterStone and I am torn on the colors to use. I want soft, warm tones. DO you have any ideas on color combinations that look elegant?

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