What is Faux Glaze, a Chip Brush, Aquastone and Latex Paint?

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Hi Debra,
Thank you so much for your tips & advice – you’ve really inspired me to start my own decorative painting business!
One slight problem I’m having is the translation of US terms used for materials (I’m in London, UK). For example, is latex paint acrylic paint, or is it eggshell? And when you talk about glaze, is it what I would call varnish? Also, what is Aquastone & what is a chip brush? As you’ve probably guessed, I’m very new to this game, so sorry about all the questions!
Look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards,


It is so good to have readers contacting me… especially about starting a new decorative painting business.

Question about latex paint. Is it acrylic or eggshell paint.  Okay, here is the good old Yankee answer.  Latex is water-based paint. That’s it! You have either water clean-up or turpentine clean-up. Which is latex type paint (acrylic) or oil based paints – (smelly) :)

So…. Use anything that says eggshell and cleans up with soap and water. These products would be the same for you as latex eggshell is for us.

When I talk about acrylic paints… I am usually referring to the little pots of colored paints used for craft projects. In the U.S. they come in 2 oz bottles with little pop up lids and a nip that you squirt the paint out of.

Glaze is in actually the stuff paint is made out of without any color.  Like a clear thick paint.  It has some other properties depending on the brand. The more expensive the brand… the longer the glaze stays “wet”.  It is used in faux painting with colors and tints to make “glazes”.  It actually looks milky in color, but dries clear.

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Most painted decorative finishes are created by manipulating the paint on the surface. The paint must remain slick and wet long enough for you to play with it, so we use a glazing liquid to give the paint a translucent quality and it prolongs the drying time of the paint.

I can’t find the UK term for glaze.

Aquastone – Here is the link to their site that gives the details:


Chip Bristle Brush 2″ Good Chip Brush

ahh… Chip Brush. My favorite tool. It is a cheap, natural bristle brush available at hardware stores.  Here is a picture and a link to the description and where you can buy a few to try out.

Hope these answers were helpful!  As always… love to hear for all of you.  Keep those questions coming!

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  1. Vicki Thomas says

    Hi Debra,
    Love all the good advice. I have a question about Aquastone. Is it durable enough to do the walls and ceiling of a play room? I have a client who is putting an elaborate playroom in a new house with many seperate areas of play. They want on little “L” shaped hall area to be like a cave. Fabricated stone was too expensive. Would aquastone be a good choice to create a cave like feel? Could it also be manipulated into stone shapes that appear to be set in mortar? I’m not thinking like a thick rock climbing wall or anything, just layers of texture no more than an 1/4 inch to 1 inch thick. I’m hoping to be able to tint it first then add shading and some highlights to the entrance of the cave. I hope to be able to paint in some mossy area and vines and a lizard or two. I just need your opinion on the aquastone or a suggestion of any other product that might work to accomplish this idea. It would need to dry very hard so it won’t crack or chip from some very active childrens play. Any thoughts would be greatly apprectiated! Thanks, Vicki

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