What Color to Use For Toning Down A Bright Green Wall | Rag Technique ?

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You have painted your bathroom with what you thought was the greatest color ever! Now you find yourself surrounded with bright sea green walls in a very small space.

What ragging technique would you use and…

What color would you glaze over the sea green? 

What color would you suggest for toning down a bright sea green wall using the rag technique?  I painted my 1/2-bathroom with the green, and it is too bright?


Oh boy… I bet that is bright.  Here is my take on this question. You can't lay another color over that green without it having a garish contrast. Your only option is a creamy white over the top. You will be surprised at how it will tone down the color.

It should give it a lighter, softer cast to the green.  An almost frosted look.  

You could use a pale, pale blue or green or even lavender. These might have a cooling effect to the bright green.  

My suggestion is to paint that same green on a sample piece of white cardboard or foamcore (pretty cheap at the craft store). Then try different colors over the top using the rag technique… and see what you like best.  It really depends on the "look" you are targeting. 

Hope this helps… Debra 

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