Vinyl Wall Sayings For A Romantic Bedroom

vinyl wall sayings

Always Kiss Me Goodnight

Maybe you think Vinyl Wall Sayings are for Kids and Laundry rooms… but I really like

this idea for a Romantic Bedroom!

The pretty fresh bedding looks invitingly simple and the wall color is just neutral enough to show off the wall quote without being a stark white. Yuck… :)

I’m very partial to the dark furniture and simple iron lamps. I think a man could live with the quote on the wall as art… with all else in the room in perfect symmetry.

Wall Decal Kiss GoodnightThe same wall quote in a different font looks really pretty in this modern bedroom.

“Always Kiss Me Good Night…”

This style is available in a variety of different colors.

Dance as if no one is watching This quote is one of my favorites…Live Like There Is No Tomorrow Vinyl Wall Decal

“Live like there is no tommorrow

Sing as if no one can hear

Love like you have never been hurt

Dance as if no one is watching

Laugh like no one is listining”

I’ve tried hand painting quotes on walls… as well as stenciling. These easy to apply decals are soo much easier and look very professional.

When you’re ready to paint over… You can sand over it a bit… prime… and paint Easy!  Vinyl Wall Sayings are a budget idea with big impact… Love That!

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  1. Mary Janish - MN says

    I cut vinyl as part of my job. For walls they make a removable vinyl that adheres well but it can be removed easily it doesn’t pull off the paint. I plan on selling vinyl over the internet when we move. (we are in the process of building our retirement home) They also make a vinyl that looks like etched glass. I made a leaf pattern cut it out on my cutter at work and applied it too my master bedroom/bathroom windows looks really cool I wish I had a picture here that I could send to you. And then again when you get sick of it you can just peel it off. No more etched glass.
    Thanks for your time. Have a good day Mary

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