Tuscan Yellow Paint Color Wash

Tuscan Yellow Paint

Tuscan Yellow Faux Paint Finish

Hi Debra

I plan on doing a colorwash or faux on our walls. What color paint do I use to achieve a soft Tuscan Yellow Paint Color Wash? My base color is a lite yellow or buttercup shade. I can’t seem to get any help at the stores.
Thank you Sharon

Hi Sharon,

Light yellow is actually not a great base color if you are trying to achieve a Tuscan look.

I would go with a warmer brighter yellow and then go over it with a darker yellow / brown to tone it down.

Try it on sample boards first. Try a few different base colors and then a few different glaze colors.

Don’t be too quick to practice on your walls, because then you will have a larger mess to fix if you are not happy with it.

Take the time to practice, I can’t stress that enough!

The photo above was sent in by:

Tony Tobey

Paint Contractor

Five Star Works

“We make it look new again”



Tony didn’t send me instructions… but if I have to guess at the process this is what I would suggest:

You will be painting the wall with a light color of a warm yellow as the base color (save some for a thinned topcoat glaze).

The next layer should be a dark gold color applied with something like “wadded up plastic bags”.

Then a few “blotches” of a light sage green (I see some veins in the same color on this wall).

The last coat is that thinned (with glaze) light color used as the base coat.  Apply over the entire wall using a brush in one hand and a dry softening brush in the other.

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