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I hired a faux painter to paint a large wall in my kitchen/famiy room using the ragging technique. The base coat was beige and the accent color a medium dark brown. When the wall was completed, it turned out an orange color and looks way too busy for a main wall in my house.

Is there a way to repair a faux finish or tone it down? I was thinking of using the base coat color over the top. I would appreciate any advice you have!!!!


Hi Cara, I am so sorry to hear that the faux finish done in your home did not come out the way you would’ve wanted it. This is the number one reason I always offer my clients to have a sample done first so they can see the final outcome.

A faux finish can be tricky, because you are not just choosing one color. You are choosing 2 or sometimes 3 colors (depending on the finish) that will be layered on top of each other.

These colors can draw out the underlying tones, which you may not like when they are put together. Just imagine putting blue and red together, they make purple.

Well the same thing can happen when doing a faux finish. So for your next faux finish, be sure to invest in a few samples and you will be sure to never run into this problem again.

As far as fixing the color and finish that you have been left with, yes, I would mix the beige base color with glaze (1 part paint to 3 parts glaze) and rag it on over the top. This may not change the orange color, but it will tone down the finish all together.

If you are still not happy with the faux finish, have it re-done. You don’t want to settle for something, especially it being on a main wall in your home. Faux finishes are supposed to be made to LOVE! They give wonderful depth and character to a wall.

I wish you all the best. Feel free to take before and after pictures of your faux finish repair. We would love to post it on our site.

Talk to you soon, That Painter Lady – DAWN

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  1. Hilda says

    What is the best way to touch up a small area on a wall that has a faux finish? In the past when I have tried to re-faux only the patch on the wall, the faux never matches the rest of the wall. Any suggestions? I have all the original paints used to create the faux look.

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