Painting Tips: What colors for what rooms?

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painting tips

Feeling itchy for a change?  It’s about that time of year when we all seem to feel the need to change things up.  Move the furniture around or buy new towels or something to add some pizazz to our homes without costing us a small fortune.

That’s where paint always comes in handy!  I love painting my rooms to change the whole mood and revive my love of my house.  I get tired of the “same ol’ same ol’ ” and need to refresh my house every now and then.  And paint is the easiest way for me to do that.

But how do you pick the right color?  And is it the same color for the bedroom as it is for the living room?  Man…picking colors can be hard.

Wellll…there is always help out there for you.  :)  You can always write in here but that’s not always as helpful as you’d think.  Lol!  Without us being there and seeing what you have in the house and what style you like it’s hard to pick out colors for another person.  Have a decorator come in blind folded and ask her to pick colors.  Not going to happen.

Another place to look for help is in magazines.  I look there all the time.  In fact…I was in the grocery store the other day (okay…a couple of months ago) and saw one of my favorite magazines.  “Women’s Day Specials:  Remodeling & Makeovers”.  Have you EVER seen that magazine?  It’s AHHHH-sooommeee!!  I always – I mean ALWAYS – get some great ideas out of it.  If you’ve never seen one of these special issues you need to look in to them.  Fun stuffs!! ;)

Anyhoo…  the issue that was back in December (I know..I know..sorry) said right on the cover “Best Colors for Every Room”.  They had top designers pick their favorites for various rooms.  I HAD to get it so I could share with you guys.  Sorry it took so long.  But better late than never, right?  ;)

Entry Ways:

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Most chose a nice neutral for the entry way.  Three of the four designers picked a “warm & inviting neutral” while the fourth designer picked a cool blue color.   I personally favor cool colors but agree that a foyer/entry way should be warm and inviting unless you prefer being a hermit and turning people away.  If that’s the case you can just splatter around a lot of black and red and put some police tape up across the door.  Lol!  ;)  That’ll keep ‘em away!

Living Rooms:

It was a split decision by the four designers here.  Two picked warm colors and two picked cool.  The cools are not drastically cool but on the cool side of a palette.  One is a blue/gray and the other is a well… a blue/gray.  Lol!  The other two designers picked warm colors.  One looks very similar to a dark wheat color – similar to taupe but WARM with yellow undertones.  The other is more of a blush color.  Like a white wine with a tinge of pink in it.  Oh!  Pink Champagne!  That’s what it look like.  The designer goes so far as to say that “even the very slightest tinge of red” will make a difference in how people look in a room/space.

Dining Rooms:

They get much more BOLD in a their choices for dining rooms.  One is what I would call “Fire Engine Red” although the color label in the magazine says it’s Raspberry Truffle (by Benjamin Moore).  Another designer picked a deep jewel tone of teal while a third picked what looks like chestnut brown.  Rich and warm with cinnamon undertones.  Last designer went with a much lighter blue with some gray undertones.  It’s very similar to what I use to call ‘Country Blue’.


Two designers picked a soft yellow – one is even more pale than the other - like a butter yellow.  Yellow is a very popular color for kitchens.   The other two went in opposite directions.  Our blue dining room designer picked a blue kitchen as well.  But much softer…very pale.  Lighter than a Wedgwood plate blue.

The other designer went with a deep brown saying that because kitchens don’t often have much actual wall space (with all those cupboards and appliances taking up space) that you can use a deep/darker more intense color “without it being overwhelming.”  That’s VERY true.  I may have to try this when I redo my kitchen.  I like the idea.  Of course…may not be such a good idea if you have dark cabinets and/or dark counter tops.

Powder Rooms:

Oh my goodness!  They’re all over the place there.  A very pale yellow with orange undertones, a jewel tone teal (very much like the other designer’s choice for the dining room), a deep peach color that is fairly orange and the last one is a solid gray like fresh concrete.  I guess it’s up to you when it comes to your choice in painting a bathroom.  Like I said – the designers are all over the place!  Lol! ;)


Well, they all agree here.  BLUE!  Each designer picked a blue.  Some are pale, some are in the mid tone range but none are deep or intense blue.  Blues are calming and suit bedrooms well. They soothe and help you relax.  Blue is peaceful and good for a bedroom.  Again…while I like cool colors…prefer them to warm…my bedroom is a deep black cherry color.  A warm color but with cool undertones.  :)  I love my bedroom.  It’s very soothing – to me – when I climb in to bed and snuggle down under the denim bedspread.  And there’s my blue!  ;)

So…what are you going to paint?

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