Painting a Concrete Patio to Look Like Ceramic Tile | Faux Tile

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Painting A Concrete Patio

Dressing up your boring concrete patio slab has become a big trend in the DIY scene.

It’s all about beautifying your space.

You can add all the potted plants, umbrellas and gorgeous outdoor furniture you can… but that boring blank slab is still staring at you.

If you are interested in painting Faux Brick you will find several articles about painting faux brick on a patio concrete slab at: Faux Brick Patio with Stencil

But… how about turning your porch into a ceramic tiled veranda?

And… what if you could tile that patio without purchasing one square of tile or one bag of grout?

Can you say “Budget Patio design”?

Photo Credit - / CC BY 2.0

This “That Painter Lady” reader has this very technique in mind but doesn’t know where to start?

Do you have a technique where you can paint a concrete patio to make it look like ceramic tile?

Thank you

Using the same principles as painting faux brick style concrete slabs, you will be able to give your patio a ceramic tiled look.

  • The concrete should be clean and dry.  Scrubbing the slab wouldn’t be a favorite job of mine, but is a necessary step.Using a stiff bristled scrub brush and TSP is the best advice I can give.  This should clean up any loose cement, bird droppings and spots from shoes, candle drippings or Kool-aid.
  • Priming may or may not be a step you want to add to the list of steps. Available on the market are special primers for outdoor use... and you can have it tinted to the “grout color” saving you a step.
    • Roll the primer on the clean slab, taking care not to lave any painted looking lap lines.
    • Don’t walk on your freshly painted slab. If you have a problem keeping dogs, husbands or children off the slab… maybe you can do the area in sections and build a barrier out of furniture to keep them out of your work space. Primer should be left to cure.
    • This project is a big one… and will take more than a few hours, so you will need to have an alternative exit around doors.

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    After the slab is clean and primed, your are ready to begin the design steps.

  • Templates that you make yourself are what I used in the faux brick video, but using a template might not be the best alternative for a faux tile look. It’s so easy to find great tile stencils that are very inexpensive. See the resources below.
  • Keeping the spacing between the tile design… even (the same space between every tile) could be tedious with a template you design yourself.  With stencils available in endless shapes and sizes, it is easy to grab up your design of choice and begin drawing or painting in the design.
  • Use a brush to get into all the corners. You can use a roller to paint some of the tile design… but your going to need a good strong bristled brush to get the paint into all the corners.
  • Remember… that you should seal your artwork with an outdoor sealer designed for patios and decks.  This is entirely up to you, but it will keep the colors vibrant and the faux tile stays looking realistic for much longer.

Good luck to all you industrious types that are tackling this type of project.

Send in comments and pictures of your beautiful patios and we will post them up on the web site.  This helps encourage others to try DIY Faux Tile projects as well.

Faux Tile Stencil Resources:

How To Make Faux Ceramic Tile4 inch Faux Tile Stencil

4″ Tiles Sculpture Stencils
Contains: 1 – 11″ x 17″, 14 mil sheet
Actual Size of Tiles:

3.5” High x 3.5″ Wide (8.89 cm x 8.89 cm)

Faux Tile Floor6 inch Faux Tile Floor Stencil

6 inch Tiles Sculpture Stencils
Contains: 1 – 11″ x 17″, 14 mil sheets
Actual Size of Tiles:

6” High (15.24 cm)

Paver Stone Tile StencilPaver Stone Style Stencil

Contains: 1 – 11″ x 17″, 14 mil sheets
Actual Size of Stones:

3.5” Wide x 7.2” High (9 cm x 18.3 cm)

Click Here: To view my ideas on How To Make Faux Ceramic Tile For Your Kitchen

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  1. toni budrow says

    I have been looking for info on how to paint on concrete and appreciate this information that you provided for faux brick patio. You do not mention, or did I miss it, the type of paint that is used to paint these tiles. Thank you for all the good things that you do. Toni

  2. THAT Painter Lady says

    Well… all the professional painters are probably going to scream at this answer!

    I use plain old acrylic paints from the craft store. I use American brand most because the paint is highly pigmented.

    I know your going to ask about how it wears. Unless you seal the painted surface often… it will wear anyway, no matter what type paint you use.

    I have spilled craft acrylic paints on my patio and in the garage… years ago. And… it is still full color splats on the slab, much to my husbands dismay. :)

    Anyway, if craft paint stays on clothing after 40 turns through the washing machine… then I think you can be assured it is a strong paint and will hold up to some wear. Again… sealing the surface often is your best bet for combating wear.

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