Mexican Inspired Color Suggestions

I am overwhelmed by color choices!!! I want to have a fun Mexican theme. I want a yellowish- gold wall (primary walls) with green and blue accent walls. There are soooo many yellow-golds out there, not to mention the blues and greens! Please help! Before I don’t have any hair left…. Cheri

photo credit: tim eschaton

Hi Cheri, Mexican colors are so inspiring. What a great way to bring life to a room! A good idea, in your case, would be to print out a few pictures of mexican blankets and get your colors from there. I have been looking through my Benjamin Moore color charts and I have picked a few colors.

Yellow-Gold: American Cheese 2019-40 and Sunflower 2019-30

Blue: Electric Blue 2061-40 and Bermuda Blue 2061-30

Green: Prairie Green 2038-30 and Irish Clover 2038-20

Red: Rosy Apple 2006-30 and Sangria 2006-20

These are just a few suggestions. They are on the bright side. But you can also go a little more subtle if you like. You can grab a few color chips and make your choice from there, but at least you have a good starting point.

You may be able to have these colors mixed in other brand paints besides Benjamin Moore. Check with your local paint store. Send pictures when you are finished painting!! Here are a couple of books I use for inspiration:

Adobe Details

Mexicolor: The Spirit of Mexican Design

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  1. Tracy says

    I’ve done my whole house in a southwestern color scheme — doing the walls in subtle sunset/sunrise colors and the brights for accents (pastel turguoise front door for example). The bathroom I had a lot of fun doing. Every towel is a different color (and yes, I mean every single towel). It was a challenge finding the right brightness but I found them through JC Penney at the time. I also have brightly painted geckos here and there throughout the house hanging around near the ceiling or curling over a closet door (you just never know where you’re going to come across one).

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