How Do I Change The Color Of Paint? Change Pink To Tan

Questions From Readers

Sometimes my readers send me questions that I just know will be interesting to others.

Have you ever purchased a gallon of paint form the bargain bin? It's a color that you think you might be able to use.

Then you get it home and you open the can… Yuck. The color looks awful.

 I have two answers to this question so keep reading:

I bought a gallon of semi gloss oops paint from Wal-Mart. The color dab on the lid was not the contents.  This paint is pale pink and I wish to mix ??? with it to then have a gallon of warm tan.

What color added will change pink to tan?

I do have an answer… even two answers to this question. Pay attention.

  1. The first thing you must remember about paint… it always looks different in the can than after it has dried on the wall.  So… you need to get out your paint brush and apply some of this pale pink paint to a wall or sample board. Wait for it to dry… and then see what it looks like.

    2. Now… if the paint is truly pale pink… their is hope. But… it will cost you more to fix the paint than it would to go         out and purchase a new can in the correct color. That said…. what you have to get is Universal Tints at the hardware     store in the color of Raw Umber.  You squirt some of this tint into the paint and stir until your arm feels like it is going     to fall off… then stir with the other arm.  You can never stir paint tooo much.

    You would only squirt in about a teaspoon at a time. This Raw Umber tint will turn that pink to tan in no time. 

I hope this was helpful.

Have fun and go paint!


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  1. sherrie says


    My daughter is trying to find a nice soothing green color to complement a lime green and pink fabric. So far, we are having no luck. The paint is way too bright!


  2. THAT Painter Lady says

    Hi… Green and Pink… pretty.

    Now, I am going to give my personal advice. This is not gospel by any means.

    Lime green and pink fabric.. I assume your using this as window treatments and bed coverings.

    Try out Glidden (Home Depot) Color:

    Color Name: Picker Upper
    Color card number BL 16
    Color Collection: Bright and Liveley

    This color may be tooooo bold.. so that same color in a much lighter version may be better on three walls with the forth wall the bolder color.

    Try painting the trim in a pale pink… Nice.

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