Painting Tips | Don’t be afraid of going BOLD

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Be BOLD - Photo thanks to indigophotos

Do you like bold colors…but think they’re only for eggs or kids clothing?  Think again!!

Bold colors have a place in our homes as well.  Sure, they look good in throw pillows, or in paintings, or accessories, but they also look great on walls!  Really!!

The easiest way to change up your decor – any decor – is with color.  Change the color of your drapes.  Add a colorful throw rug to a small bathroom.  Put a painting up on the wall.  Bold style is most often about color.  One of the best ways to get there is with paint.

So if you want to make a statement…a big BOLD colorful one…then it’s time for some paint.  You don’t need to be afraid of going bold.  And if you just aren’t sure…start with one wall.  :)

That’s what I did in my bedroom.  I just wasn’t sure I could handle the depth of color on 3 of my walls so I started with one.  LOVED it and painted two more.  Left the 4th wall so I could do a faux finish on it and wouldn’t feel “closed in”.  It’s honestly my favorite room.

So…Check this out.  My niece and her family recently bought a home and everyone was thrilled.  Of course, when you move in to a new (to you)/previously lived in home you KNOW you’ll need to make changes to make it your “own”.  It’s just all part of the process.

After my niece put down nice fresh carpeting – well, probably before ‘cuz she’s brilliant like that – she also decided to paint the walls.  They were a nice boring…er…I mean…a nice NEUTRAL color that would go with anything.  Actually, that’s a good idea if you’re trying to sell your home.  Make it neutral so buyers can picture their style in the room.  But I digress…

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Okay…so my niece decided to spruce up the walls and what better way than with some color!  Here’s a picture of what she had to start with:

Old - Neutral walls....lovely carpet

As you can see it’s a nice neutral color that is easily overlooked and prone to allow buyers to see their own belongings in the home.  Great for selling a house.  A bit boring.  Tan.  With a hint of pink.  But plain.  A seller’s friend.

But now it’s time for some personalization!  Don’t go off all willy-nilly, though.  Have a plan.  Think about your furniture and your accessories.  If you have bright red furniture you don’t want to paint the walls bright red, too.

Pick a color that compliments what you have.  At least the BIG stuff that you don’t want to replace.  This way you can tie it all in together with the wall color and the big items by adding some colors from both in to smaller things.  Throw pillows, drapes, a painting, etc.  You can also add some complementary colors to pull the whole thing together.

My niece chose to paint her living room this fabulous color:

New - BOLD, Bright & Beautiful

Look at this WONDERFUL color!  The carpet was replaced with a beautiful neutral color and the walls painted with a fabulous bold green!  Love the red throw (red is a complement to green) and the black and white photos on the wall.

Notice how much nicer the fireplace looks now with the bold color on the wall?  It sort of blended in when you look at it in the “before” picture.Some things to think about when you want to try BOLD?  Keep these things in mind:

  • Colors that are bold usually appear more intense or darker when you paint them on the wall then they do on that small chip you get at the paint store.
  • Remember…we at THATPainterLady dislike FLAT paint.  We’ll concede that the more shine you have in your paint the more imperfections in your wall show up.  So a compromise.. Try eggshell to show off your new bold color.
  • Like we always recommend – TEST it out!  Paint several large foam core boards with the color you think you want and put them up on the walls and along the floor line.  Live with them for several days and view them in various light – morning, noon and night.  You want to make sure you LOVE it before you paint it all over the place.  ;)
  • Don’t be timid about going BOLD.  If you’re gonna go for it…then GO FOR IT!  Sea foam green is NOT bold.

Afraid to go bold?  You don’t need to be.  Remember…it’s just paint.  You can always paint it over. If you want to try BOLD color but aren’t sure you can handle THAT much color then just try doing ONE wall.  And don’t forget to take those “before” and “after” photos to share.  :)

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  1. Kathy says

    Wow, what an improvement- Also, we had a fireplace almost identical and ended up having a plaster finish done to it which totally transformed the room. I love your tips so much-always so anxious to see what you have-sure wish you were in Va.
    :) Kathy

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