Fixing Faux Finishes: Crumpled Plastic Faux Painting Technique

Questions From Readers

Your ads will be inserted here byEasy Plugin for AdSense.Please go to the plugin admin page toPaste your ad code OR Suppress this ad slot. Do you ever read instructions… and they seem so clear?  Then you work on the project and it comes out a mess, because the instructions apparently are wrong or they […]

Faux Painting Tips: Damage From Stripping Wallpaper

Your ads will be inserted here byEasy Plugin for AdSense.Please go to the plugin admin page toPaste your ad code OR Suppress this ad slot.   Don’t you LOVE stripping wallpaper?  No?  Not a surprise. I don’t know anyone that actually LIKES this task.  It’s why I choose faux finishes over wallpaper every time. Everyone […]

Painting Tips: Toning Down Bright Orange Walls

Vintage Art

Have you ever gone out on a limb and painted some BOLD color on your walls?  Has it worked out for you?  Or did you just groan when you were done?  I painted my bedroom walls a dark cranberry…almost black cherry – just 3 walls – and was scared the whole time!  But my ceilings […]

Faux Finish on a Knock Down Texture Wall – With Coffee?

A photo of a cup of coffee.

Um…Okaaayy.  I’ve never heard of this before…but… none the less… I got the question. A newsletter subscriber wrote in with this question: “Could you give instructions on how to stain a wall that has a knock down texture on it.   I saw on TV that you could stain them with coffee.   To me that would […]

Faux Finish How To: Paint a Faded Floral Design Mural

Faux Painting - Faded Flowers

Questions about how to paint a mural come up often. It’s kind of a difficult question to answer when it’s such a vague question like “How do I Paint a Mural”.   Lol!  ;)  Right?   Reminds me of my teaching days. But when you ask a question about a specific portion or painting technique for […]

Faux Painting Ideas | Colorwash Blending Too Much

Example of the color wash in multiple hues

Do you ever have a problem with a colorwash blending together tooooo much? You aren’t alone.  It happens more often than you’d think, really.  Suzy wrote in with just that problem, so I thought I’d share it with you … just in case you know someone that could use this information.  ;)  Not YOU, of […]

Faux Wood Graining – Dark Brown Mahogany or an Espresso Color


Faux wood graining seems to be the hottest new trend around here these days!   Or… is it just that its hot and we think we need a new faux painting technique to learn?  Lol!  Either way, another question about wood graining has come in to the “THATPainterLady” desk. Hi there!  I would like to paint […]

Color Suggestions For A Black and White Kitchen

Here is a recent reader question who is asking for color suggestions for a kitchen with black and white appliances. Tawn has answered this one with some creative ideas. I am painting a kitchen that has black appliances and white countertops. What color would you suggest for the walls, cabinets and for the floor? ~Nydia […]

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