Solutions For Ugly Kitchen Cabinets Counter Tops and Tiles

By Victoria Larsen In this tough economy, many of you are facing the fact that replacing those counters and cabinets in your kitchen is no longer in the budget. But solutions are at hand that simply involve primer, paint, varnish and stencils. These solutions will have your kitchen looking like new in no time at […]

Faux Finish Your Formica Countertops to Realistic Granite With These Easy Steps

By Victoria Larsen I once had a neighbor who faced brilliant orange Formica counter tops in her home. Raising little ones on a single mother’s salary didn’t allow her the budget to replace those counter tops. To her, (as it would be to me), living with those counter tops would be nearly unbearable! She tried […]

Formica Countertops Faux Finished

Hi- I have a friend that had her Formica countertops faux-finished to look sort of like a taupe stone. All I know is that after a few colors were applied, the surface was sprayed w/alcohol to “blur” the finish & create an interesting design. A protective polyurethane-type finish was then applied over all. It looks […]

AquaThane Non Yellowing Clear Polyurethane

I would like to share a project that I am working on, it is a faux finish on my sister in laws counter tops, they are Formica and I have done a marble technique but I am having a hard time trying to find a sealer that doesn’t yellow and is also safe with food, […]

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