Painting Tips | Tone Down a Dark Brick Red Wall With Gold Metallic Paint

You would think we would have the answer to every question we get in the ol’ inbox…   Well, here we are again, trying to answer a perplexing color question. Hi Painter Lady’s – I recently painted an accent wall a dark “brick” red.  It’s a beautiful color, but I think I would like to […]

Painting Tips | Don’t be afraid of going BOLD

Do you like bold colors…but think they’re only for eggs or kids clothing?  Think again!! Bold colors have a place in our homes as well.  Sure, they look good in throw pillows, or in paintings, or accessories, but they also look great on walls!  Really!! The easiest way to change up your decor – any […]

Faux Painting Tips | Faux Painting Formica Laminate Counter Tops

Hi Painter Ladies! I have a formica bath (half bath really) counter that I would like to do a faux countertop painting on so that it looks more updated.  Until I can do something else. This bath doesn’t get used much.  Can I do this, what products can I use, and is what are the […]

Change Your Décor | Make your Home Feel more Comfy Cozy

I just read an article where they had six designers tell them tricks on how to make a “more comfortable home”.  With people staying put in their homes until the markets improve I thought it might be a timely piece to share with you all. :)  You know me…all about the sharing! When you’re painting […]

Fixing Faux Finishes: Crumpled Plastic Faux Painting Technique

Questions From Readers

Do you ever read instructions… and they seem so clear?  Then you work on the project and it comes out a mess, because the instructions apparently are wrong or they were not clear enough for you to understand. A newsletter subscriber had just such a problem with her crumpled plastic faux painting technique.   Here’s what […]

Painting Tips: What colors for what rooms?

painting tips

Feeling itchy for a change?  It’s about that time of year when we all seem to feel the need to change things up.  Move the furniture around or buy new towels or something to add some pizazz to our homes without costing us a small fortune. That’s where paint always comes in handy!  I love […]

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